PayForAResearchPaper.Com – European Commission also wants to stop the appointment of new judges to the place of those who – according to the European Commission – “prematurely” hit the retirement.

December 25, 2013 year at least 14 people were killed in an attack using a car bomb outgoing faithful after the Christmas Mass in the church Bagdadzie.zobacz also Tajani: EU wants to cooperate with the US in the fight against terrorism “11 December 2016. in a suicide attack on a Coptic St. St. Peter and Paul in Cairo killed 29 people. Admitted to bombing the Islamic State (IS). 9 April 2017 year on Palm Sunday with the IS terrorists attacked two Coptic churches in the north of Egypt in these branches and Alexandria. 45 persons were killed.

Lewestam Carolina ethicist, Boston University and the University of Warsaw Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna So it is with many things seem absurd. For example, the current wave of populism antyestablishmentowego ethnic overtones, which is degenerated, like a mad beak toucan sober body, the tissue boring liberal and prosperous Europe. How is it possible, people marvel that a peaceful society based on stable institutions, such as the economic growth in the streets where no one dies of hunger, suddenly attacked mercilessly are the elite, the perpetrator of this happiness? And how is it possible that Europe, who still remembers the defeat of Communism, nay, they live still people who remember fascism and its disastrous consequences, so eager today clings to the idea of ??nation, he wants to beat a stranger to erect new monuments, and at the borders to build a wall? And why this disease, a combination of revolutionism, antyelitaryzmu and xenophobia poured across the Atlantic, where it takes the form of orange-Donald Trump?

Absurd, ladies and gentlemen, you have to open his mouth, marvel at, point out your fingers and do not trust! So most responsive “Enlightenment” media, because adherence to the “absurd” naming channeled their deep aversion to this phenomenon and allows the relief of psychological distance. For as long as man to marvel tukanowi does not have to take it seriously. But the best zoologists of us are trying to look under the surface and this absurdity disenchant. Ba, attempts to trace the evolution of the political anti-liberalism rozpleniajacego did last year in specific media industry. Competed in translation, why Orban is governed by Hungary, Poland authoritarian inclinations hardly inhibits the PiS, Norbert Hofer almost wins the presidential elections in Austria, Slovakia, the main political problem become gypsies in France, lots of calisthenics, gymnastics, to block the National Front, and Germany Merkel loses support iron. Ideas for the origins of this are, generally speaking, dwa.zobacz also Gwiazdowski: rule of law without democracy?

Yes [interview] »Lewestam: How to lose effectiveness words» Lewstam: Playground and Polish “The first idea is the crisis of freedom. His supporters are looking for the causes of the deficit participatory proper mature liberal democracy. As an institutional system created in response to fascism, political liberalism is aimed primarily at keeping voters in some acceptable framework. Yes, he says his liberal citizens can vote, but within reason. If only puts us into the majority and vote against the principles of the following list of X, Y and Z, you will need to immediately do something about it.

Therefore, behold, we set the whole multitude of national and supranational institutions, courts and independent observers, who will be watching, or to the people into the heads not confused. Supporters seek sources of the problem in the fact that they say: no wonder that people feel fatigue. We tell them that they are free, they have the ability to self-determination – and they feel deep in my heart that I did not really have influence on anything. That their free decisions concern only cosmetic issues – tax up two percent, higher subsidy for museums, five kilometers of highways less. Meanwhile, their true instincts, instincts that are in conflict with the X, Y and Z, that is, for example, globalism, European openness, human rights, worming deep in their bowels, as intumescent untreated ulcer.

No wonder that when there is a chance they will follow those who promise to cut The same ulcer, playing on the nose democratic “controllers”. Francis Fukuyama argued that liberal democracy is the final system, after which the spirit of history can only rest on its laurels, but did not foresee that when night falls history, people are waking up the demons – and demanding the exit of the political arena. Because politics is not just an organization; This policy also sewer: it must effectively channel pay for research paper the emotions and the actual will of the people, even if these sometimes slightly stink. The idea of ??the other is the crisis equality. This one has more followers; this is mainly journalists write. From the “Policy” to “Polish Gazeta” from the “New York Times” to “Guardian” we all agree: that neoliberalism has prepared us to this fate, economically excluding the entire expanse of the social landscape and filling the purse of one percent of the bourgeoisie. The theoretical equality before the law is empty, if some have the means to enforce it, and others do not.

Because what that anyone can break with fruit trees, if only a few have a ladder? Liberalism without economic justice is so profoundly disappointing. Promised by the system of social mobility? Well, when it comes to mobility, economists Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti just proved that the wealthy Florentine family 600 years ago today is still the richest Florentine families; if not systemic tsunami in Poland would probably like. Promised “drip” assets down along neo-liberal managed the social ladder? Thomas Piketty argues, more or less accurately, the accumulated capital that multiplies faster than manages to scrape together only ciul capital.

Perhaps, then, poverty is destiny, and if so, supposedly realistic prospect of economic advancement in Western countries is merely a mirage, an illusion, propaganda. Maybe the game is not fair, because the cards are marked. Perhaps there are those who grabs hold all the economic power, and under the current system can not force them to be shared. Perhaps it is more dangerous now, when the economy does not manage locally, and each country is trying not only to get lost in the global mainstream. So as not to rebel?

How can you not vote for those who promise that they will overthrow this system? It should be noted here that both explanations are essentially complementary. While the crisis of freedom explains the shift towards a certain style of politics, which is attracted to authoritarianism, isolationism and xenophobia, so much the crisis equality explains why all growing in strength populists have leftist economic program (including the Republican Trump, who control immigration and patriotism economic wants improve the lot of poorly educated American worker). Only these two crises are taken together as a political explanation ambarasu in which the znalezlismy.zobacz also Lewestam: Between Hegel and the lack of eggs »Lewestam: Democratic specter of pain” But this is not the full explanation. Our western crisis is a crisis of freedom existentially important, but quantitatively small, especially if you compare us with countries such as China and Russia.

Our crisis equality may seem especially poignant; However, large differences between rich and poor we can not obscure the fact that our Western poor are light years richer than the poor in these, for example, India. “The Economist” reported some time ago that many voters Trump is a rich people, a system of winners; Poland voted for PiS many educated people and members of the elite, because calling a “rebellious” does not automatically exclude anyone from access to power and real opportunities. Somewhere in the intricacies of evolutionary magma must be hiding yet another crisis. So what’s missing? Boredom. Jorg Kustermans Erik Ringmar in his essay “Modernity, Boredom and War” write that Western societies are still alive Enlightenment ideal of progress as an increasingly stable peace. The stable society, the stronger the institutional order, the more its members are experiencing a kind of “ennui” – fatigue, washable with emotion, just boredom. This is boredom – the authors say – fundamentally liberal mood of the times; feeling generally available a few generations ago.

And it is this emotion, when he settles for good in the soul, it will be demanded treatment. Treated by enhancing it, and it awakens in us, when will offer us the possibility of war: with the Other, the alien, the refugee, the elites of Wall Street. Boredom, feeling intolerable and final stability is an additional inner voice societies calling for a strong, authoritarian, intransigent, and so ozdrowienczo conflicting leadership. And that’s why you have to take a lot of things together, such as freedom of the crisis, economic inequality and western political boredom, to the good of the absurd disenchant the toucan beak, which is flooding us a wave of populism. I do not know if you know, but the bow too developed not one, but with the whole mass of reasons. Large beak better captures fruit, attracting partners and helps to cool. As Trump.

Or Kaczynski. What? Maybe it does not make sense, but if it had, it would be pretty neat ending. On Wednesday, the EU Court of Justice received a complaint from the European Commission against Poland in connection with the Law on the Supreme Court. Along with the complaint, the European Commission brought an application for interim measures and an expedited procedure.

The President in an interview in Polsat News assessed that “this is not good news for our country.” “It is a matter, which has a political dimension. Now we calmly watched how will be conducted at the Court of Justice of the EU, and there will also took on a political dimension, or will be, however, an objective look” – he stressed. The question of whether fear is that this issue will become a political dimension to the ECJ, replied: “Of course, I have such concerns, because at the moment this matter is very much played politically.” “Please note that the ECJ sits at the moment, among others, Mr. Marek Safjan judge that his political views did not hide” – he added. Andrzej Duda asked if the Polish government surrenders to the verdict of the ECJ said that it should wait for the verdict. “Let’s wait until they are in this case verdicts.

Polish side will be able to comment on the matter and present its position” – pointed. The President was also asked whether according to him prof. Malgorzata Gersdorf is still president and the Supreme Court. “For me, prof. Gersdorf is a judge at rest. You judge Gersdorf passed retired compliance with the law.

She could this law to refer to the Constitutional Court if her did not agree. She did not. So I understand that concluded that law is consistent with the Constitution and probably did not raise her concerns. Being the president of the Supreme Court and had a few months to take such action. She did not, “- he noted the premier.zobacz: Mazurka: How will the ECJ judgment, it will be up to him apply “the EC said that it decided to bring the matter for consideration by the judges in Luxembourg on an expedited basis. Also wants the ECJ has issued an interim decision protective (ie.

Temporary measures) in order until a final ruling, some provisions of the Law on the Supreme Court remained suspended. The Commission wants the judges who took the new law on the Supreme Court, could continue to exercise its judicial functions, even if you have already retired. CJEU no statutory time limits within which it must decide on interim measures and an expedited procedure. EC considers that the law on the Supreme Court is incompatible with EU law because it violates the principle of independence of judges. The Polish government denies such accusations, insisting it has the right to make reforms that are needed Poland.

Brussels wants in its application in the Supreme Court to restore the state before 3 April 2018 the year that is before the entry into force of the provisions providing for lowering the retirement age of judges from 70 to 65 years. In accordance with these regulations, 27 of the 72 active judges SN had to retire, including Margaret Gersdorf ref. The EC also requested that judges who, in the light of the new rules have already been sent to retirement, were returned to rule, even if their place already indicated someone else. European Commission also wants to stop the appointment of new judges to the place of those who – according to the European Commission – “prematurely” hit the retirement. According to the Law on the Supreme Court, which entered into force on April 3, the day following the expiration of three months from the date of retirement passed by operation of law the Supreme Court judges who have completed 65 years of age. Therefore, from July 4 to stop – according to the law – to perform their functions.

They could continue to rule, if within one month from the entry into force of the new Act made a statement and presented the relevant medical certificates, and the president agreed to continue their occupation of a judge of the Supreme Court. Malgorzata Gersdorf, who has completed 65 years of age, has not made such a declaration. Gersdorf – elected for the first President of the Supreme Court in 2014. – he emphasized repeatedly that the term of office of the President and the Supreme Court in accordance with the constitution lasts 6 years. Yet in the end of June the General Assembly of Judges of the Supreme Court in a resolution adopted unanimously stressed that the judge remains Gersdorf line with the Constitution and the president of the Supreme Court until 30 April 2020. As a team press release informed the Supreme Court, the judge Gersdorf still comes to work in the Supreme Court.

In mid-September, the deputy head of the Presidential Chancellery Paul Mucha told PAP that the work of the Supreme Court will be guided by the most senior president of the Chamber of the Supreme Court, which in practice means the president Dariusz Zawistowski. Directed by earlier work of the Supreme Court president Joseph Iwulski and 6 other judges received a letter informing the president about retiring. This decision is an important contribution to the battle against discrimination and exclusion of women. It creates a precedent for the treatment of serious cases of exclusion – said in a statement on Friday announced Anat Hoffman, IRAC Executive Director, that weapons of religious pluralism in the country. The waves of radio Kol Barama, since it was created in 2009, had never heard the voice of a woman.

Jerusalem court judgment is an absolute precedent Izraelu.zobacz also ECJ: exemption for re-marriage after divorce is illegitimate »Court examined the case following a complaint against the leadership of the radio by IRAC and Kolech Religious Women’s Forum. The station appealed the judgment, but has been unsuccessful in the following instances.