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Thorough Insurance Coverage Products By AIG Malaysia

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Services Offers

Being one of several pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for over sixty years, AIG serves us by giving quality delivery concerning house insurance and risk management solutions. Since the day the building blocks were set in 1953, AIG’s consistent development lead to constant growth in their network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now an estimated 15 offices opened countrywide.

AIG knows well that in working with the uncertain future, not a single thing more reassuring than having proper insurance ready. So, they have offered various kinds of packages that might be able to cater to both companies’ along with individuals’ needs.

When acquiring assets, for example, homes and cars, the authority has rendered insurance purchase mandatory to ensure individuals can protect themselves during incidents. When the customers want to acquire the vehicle of house insurance from AIG, they’ll be competent to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the right rates.

AIG Malaysia

Setting properties aside, personal health and wellbeing are as well another aspect individuals should give attention to. Within this aspect, educating the community around the importance of medical insurance is the real challenge. Nevertheless, this won’t stop AIG’s agents from making an effort to boost awareness. Now, their aim has started to show some positive outcome, for the reason that numbers of personal medical insurance coverage purchased by the Malaysian consumers grow each year significantly.

The local businesses’ expansion to overseas markets combined with the quite affordable transportation can make frequent travel the modern standard. It’s led to the growing requirement for insurance to insure individuals while making both of those domestic and international trips. To correspond to the needs, AIG Malaysia has offered an insurance plan with complete coverage to the customers.

Moreover, for companies, AIG has been actively supplying a high-level risk management plan that would be highly relevant to their needs. Whether it be an extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting and captive services insurance, or maybe even trade credit insurance, corporate customers can alter their unique subscription plan with AIG to avoid both over coverage and underinsurance.

AIG has learned well that corporate clientele in manufacturing, education, loan companies, import & export, construction, or maybe the aviation segment has different insurance coverage desires; and is particularly critically the sole intent of providing such measure of flexibility. Additionally, it even gives credence to the necessity of smaller-scale businesses and aids them by giving SME Package to eligible companies.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get info about the services offered and even obtain a quote upon supplying appropriate information. Depending upon their requirements, customers are also able to ask for a face to face meeting with nearby agents and even more for even more information regarding AIG’s products and solutions.

AIG Malaysia can be quite conscious that the shifting trend of purchase that focuses a little more about e-commerce—knowing that they may have recently worked with Lazada Malaysia for making house insurance purchase accessible in the e-commerce platform. Upon purchase and after following a small number of quick stages in registration, customers are capable of having their insurance policies activated in less than 72 hours.